This year BASA has organized



Keeping In Mind the current Pandemic situation BASA has decided to conduct PUJO at INDIA and we will telecast the same using a Virtual Platform. You can watch AsHtami and Navami Pujo live as well as Recordings. You will be able to give Puspanjali for Astami and Navami - using our Virtual Platform. For details please like and share our BASA Facebook page


Watch the Video for LIVE Pujo Schedule  


"BASA" BENGALI ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA, We celebrate awareness of Bengali identity, its cultural and spiritual heritage. BASA was established in the year 2005.  Till date it continues to proudly uphold and promote the rich Bengali socio-cultural heritage in this distant land – South Africa. Over the years the association has successfully grown from strength to strength  and is now a home away from home for a strong Bengali Community in this country. The members of this Association are all very warm and inclusive and provide a platform for our next generation to learn and experience our culture and heritage, thereby connecting  to our roots.

We endeavour to showcase our rich cultural heritage in various forms spanning throughout the year. The association provides a platform for our next generation to learn and experience our culture and heritage, thereby connect to our roots.

The ‘Bengali Sanskritik Sandhya’ takes place twice a year - "South Africa Bongo Utsav" & the other one is "Sanskritik Sondhya on Pujo Evenings" where the young and old pays tribute to the great men and women from Bengal by performing different forms of art (in a professional theatre/hall), like, Bengali music, dance, drama, recitation, etc. 

We conduct Bengali Food Festival commonly known as ‘Ananda Mela’, where we put up food stalls serving delicious Bengali cuisine prepared by our own members, bringing the culinary treasures of Bengal, to the world.

We celebrate ‘Poila Boisakh’ by organizing a day of delightful annual Picnic, where we organize various games and constructive ‘Adda’ for everyone.

BASA has always been very clearly committed to the concept of community welfare. Be it giving aid in womens organisations, natural disasters like the fire in Kya Sands and Knysna, developmental work in  Dieepslot with the Wot-it Trust. We are actively engaged in community welfare with several organisations in India like the All Bengal Womens Association. We also partner the Gandhi Centenary Trust each year in their community welfare programme.